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"Anything outdoors" is our company motto. Our franchisees keep surprising clients by being able to do all kinds of weird and wonderful things in the yard - which is part of being a garden solution.
  Some of our achievements have been building a pergola, removing and stump grinding 15 big trees in a client's yard, removing a 6-foot wooden paling fence, replacing all the outdoor light globes at a retirement village, replacing a few tap washers for an elderly client, landscaping a kindergarten, and removing the equivalent of 5 backyard swimming pools full of rubbish. Essentially, if a client can think of any job that needs doing in their yard then we need to come up with a solution.

Our regular services include lawn & garden maintenance, weeding, lawn treatments, pH testing, mulching, rubbish removal, tree work, garden spraying & fertilising, and odd jobs around the yard.

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Anyone can push a lawn mower, but what makes beautiful lawn? The key is in the maintenance program. Fertilising and weed control are important ingredients, but nothing impresses people more than having a lawn that looks fantastic. Pristine edges, dead-straight mower lines, and
spotless paved areas clean of debris. That’s what impresses my clients, and that’s what inspires so many of my clients to buy nice garden furniture and a barbeque, or to practice their golf on the back lawn. It brings me satisfaction knowing that I’m making client’s lawns more attractive, and increasing the family’s desire to use their yard.


The greatest concern about weeding and gardening is whether the job is done properly.  But what is the difference between a job done properly, and a job that just looks like it's been done properly.  Our solution is simple: 3 months with no weeds or your money back*.
Or if you really don’t like weeds, try our 5 Year No Weed Guarantee*.

We are hedging, shaping, pruning, and digging experts too.  I’m so confident you’ll love our work that if you’re not completely satisfied with the job, don’t pay us*.


The problem with gutter clearing is that even while we are clearing the gutters of leaves, the leaves are still falling around us. Even the best gutter guards on the market allow water to pass through the mesh. You might think this sounds odd, but sand, silt, weed seeds, and bird poos containing seeds, all mixed with water, will create plants in your gutters. No roof gutters are perfectly sloped towards the down pipe either so all gutters allow an amount of this mixture to accumulate in them. Many gutter guards act like shade cloth, which promotes vigorous plant growth in your gutters. All this equals major headaches and rather large expenses within a 2 to 5 year time frame.

The simple solution is to get Mark's Mowing to clear out your gutters when needed, and install down pipe guards to prevent the down pipes from blocking. Your gutters will still fill with leaves, but you’ll be saving a lot of money on maintenance and capital outlay.


A Mark's Mowing trailer holds 4m³, we do all the loading for you, and it can cost as little as $65. Compare our prices with equivalent sized skip bins and I'm sure you'll agree our rubbish removal represents value for money.

Call us about our $10 giant garden bags. You fill it, and we take it away.


Weeds don’t just make your lawns look particularly untidy, they can also cause a great deal of pain to you, your children, your pets, and visitors. Three of the most common Australian lawn weeds are bindii, clover, and dandelions. Bindii has detachable spikes. Even if you wear shoes, the spikes can still stick to your shoes and laces, and be carried into your home and into your carpet.

Bees LOVE clover and dandelion flowers and mowing typically only removes around 80% of these. Appreciably, standing on a bee can be particularly painful, especially in bare feet. Even with shoes on, standing on a bee can make it understandably angry and their stingers can often penetrate

A weed found increasingly in lawns is the common thistle.  A broadleaf weed covered in very thin hair-like spikes.  Treading on a thistle in bare feet is a lot more painful than a lawn with bindis.

Ask about our 12 Month No Weed Guarantee for lawns. We will keep your lawns free of clover, bindii, dandelions, and broadleaf weeds for 12 months; if your weeds come back, we’ll give your money back*.  What a simple approach to garden maintenance.

*Conditions Apply