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"As a franchisee it's all done for me and the training and support is First Class."

Just 50 years ago people baked their own bread and made their own clothes, and to buy any of these was considered extravagant. Today we know that it makes more sense to pay someone who can do these jobs far cheaper than we can ourselves. The idea is referred to as outsourcing and it's changing the way we live. Today, outsourcing means that more and more people are getting companies to do things around the home as well, like gardening. And that's why home services companies are experiencing a booming demand.

Mike Shakespeare"Coming from a high profile position in the corporate world to a Marks Mowing franchise was certainly a major transition for myself. The attraction for me was: overall increase in physical fitness, outdoor lifestyle, no stress, working the hours I want to, and a good income. These benefits coupled together with a secure financial guarantee, certainly makes a Marks Mowing franchise the envy of many. I can earn $600 in a day just on my own from lawn mowing, and up to $3000 in a week from lawn mowing and other odd jobs." Mike Shakespeare

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Many Australians want to run their own business at some stage in their lives but few ever do. Perhaps they think business is risky. Mark's Mowing will Guarantee your success. If within 90 days my franchise isn't absolutely everything I said it would be or you're not completely in love with running your own franchise, we insist on giving you a complete refund.

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