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No Weeds for 5 Years
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No Weeds For 5 Years: Or Your Money Back
Weeds not only make gardens look untidy, what's worse is that after pulling them out they grow back so quickly.
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If you really don't like weeds then consider having your garden mulched. My gardens used to have weeds taller than my waist but after mulching my own garden beds I have probably pulled out about 2 weeds in the last 6 years. I'm so confident of the mulching system I have developed that I will give you a 5 YEAR WEED FREE WRITTEN GUARANTEE on all garden mulching. That's no weeds for 5 years - and probably a lot longer!

The process we use is a layering process which enables us to provide our clients with a conditional guarantee against the re-emergence of weeds.  We have successfully completed jobs as long as 7 years ago which still have no weeds to this day.  The process involves using only 100% organic material, uses no weed sprays, chemicals, pesticides, or any products or processes which are harmful to humans, animals, or the environment.  The process we use simply aims to shade out the weeds in the same way that an upside-down wheel barrow will kill all the vegetation underneath it if left on a lawn or in a garden bed, however, we use NO black plastic or other inorganic product to achieve this and our process will not harm existing vegetation you want to keep.
As far as we know we are the only company in Australia and the world to offer this kind of guarantee against weed regrowth, but our guarantee comes from confidence in our 15 years of experience in trialling different kinds of processes.  Our process is often unsuccessfully copied, and because it's a trade secret process, it can only be bought from a Mark's Mowing franchisee.
Mulch with:
  • Wood chips
  • Pine bark
  • Leaf mulch
  • Decorative Stone
  • Crushed terracotta
  • Anything you like

Treats aggressive weeds such as morning glory and wandering jew with 100% success.

Is 100% biodegradable. Nutrient flow through the soil is not blocked, so the soil does not die, as can happen when black plastic is used as a barrier.

Available only from Mark's Mowing, this system is NOT available from nurseries anywhere.

Proven Success. For Example, we have enabled a client to grow big trees and bushes on a previously barren embankment.


  1. My Price Guarantee. If within 90 days of the date of commencement you find someone who is able to provide you with the same service at a cheaper price, I wont just refund you the difference, I'll refund you DOUBLE the difference. I'll always be your cheapest quote - guaranteed!*
  2. The job will be completed on time or I will give you $100 for every day I work beyond the agreed completion date.*
  3. My Quality Guarantee. If you find a problem with my work either during construction or during the guarantee period, if I can't address the problem within 4 hours I'll give you $100.*
* Conditions Apply